I have a new build house with one of those new stupid pvcu high security front doors ( a link http://www.anglianhome.co.uk/doors_pvcu_security.htm)

Yes there great when no one is in as you lift the handle and it throws all those bolts then you lock it, brilliant.

Not when your indoors thou unless you lock yourself in.

How many people lock the front door behind them when they go indoors? Not many as most front doors cant be opened from the outside by twisting the handle you normally need a key.
Not with these doors, just come on in.

Now can anyone recomend what I can do, I looked at biometric door handles but they wont operate the super dead locks in the door as they come into action when you lift the door handle so I need an add on.
Any ideas, I would like to go down the biometric route so the kids can come and go as they wish when someones in just using their fingers then if we go out we can throw the dead locks and lock it.
But I need someway of keeping the door locked, maybe those large magnet things, but then they need power all the time to keep them holding the door.

Please help as I go away in two weeks leaving the kids and I know there gonna forget to lock the door when there in, having a shower upstairs in their room and the thieves thinking great unlocked doors.


(PS. 2 neghbours have allready had people walk in and thieve)

Oh yes and I do have a comfort alarm system if thats any help.