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    Hi, Everyone

    I hope this is in the right forum

    I'm really hoping someone can give me a pointer. I have an icon 23t boiler in the house i just moved into. The previous owners told me what to do when the pressure in the boiler goes low, now the heating's back on, it's gone low. They explained 6 months ago and it's gone from my mind.

    The thing is plumbed in with 4 pipes that have yellow or red quarter-turn valves which are just below the boiler, they all seem open.

    Below the boiler in a cupboard are 2 tap-like valves, interconnected with a foot of steed braided hose. I figured these are parts of the filling loop. It's these I thought i had to adjust, but nothing happens to the pressure needle. It just sits in the red despite my best twiddling. I have had this in other houses, and opening one valve normally gives me the sound of moving water, but not here.

    The only difference between the 2 taps is that one of them has what looks like a cover. It' hexagonal but it doesn't look like a screw. I am loath to remove it before i know what it does.

    other than that, there are no obvious valves or screws to be adjusted. I have had a good look with a torch and the only things that might allow water back in are the 2 taps of the loop.

    Can anyone give me a pointer?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Icon23t low pressure

    just make sure when you are turning the tap, to re-pressurise, the tap is actually plastic on/off taps sometimes turn but don't turn the valve.

    take off the plastic handle and open the valve with a pair of grips.

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