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Thread: Potterton Boiler Problem??

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    Default Potterton Boiler Problem??

    Hi there hope you can help,

    I have browsed this site a couple of times and the advice seems to be pretty darn good and by the sounds of things acurate, so here goes with my boiler problem.

    I have a potterton puma 80 combi boiler running 8 radiators contolled by a single stand alone thermostat in the hallway. I can get hot water but, and I am sure you have heard this plenty before, no CH. I called out some CH engineers to look at the problem a couple of weeks ago. They thought at first it was just some air in the system as I had just the day before bled one of the radiators which had been stone cold, loads of air in it. It turned out not to be an air blockage, but they thought it might be the gas valve so suggested a change. Next day, new gas valve - same problem- head scratching. They checked the boiler throughly and then phoned a potterton helpline. Potterton suggested it may be the pipework - sounds plausible enough- ripped up the floorboards gave them acces to the manifold etc, some gunk in the pipework but all in all quite not blocked. Stumped !

    The boiler will produce hot water, and for a short time the boiler CH would fire up go though the motions then after about 30 secs stop. If I left the boiler on constant it would eventually work hot water all the way round to the radiators, clicking on and off every 30 secs as it went. Inhibitor has been poured into the system to try and clean it out but no joy there either. The CH engineers suugested turning off some of the hotter radiators to see if it pushed heat through to the other colder ones, but this again didn't work.

    At this point the heating is dead, hot water still fine,nothing seems to make it fire for the past three days. The only thing that helped last week was by topping up the boiler past 1 and a half on the pressure dial, then for a while it would clicking on and off supplying some radiators with heat.

    CH engineers said they would be back to look at the radiators, just hoping one of you guys has come across something similair and can help me try to understand what is going on. Any help on whether we are barking up the wrong tree would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Default Re: Potterton Boiler Problem??

    Has it been working previously okay or is this a new installation?

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