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Thread: Water leak sensor and Gas sensor

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    Default Water leak sensor and Gas sensor

    I'm looking for a flood detection system for the home. What I need is some thing that will detect water on the floor in say the kitchen. Once detected it will have a contact closure so I can wire it to an alarm panel if I want, and also trigger an electric valve to switch off the main water supply to the house.
    I'm also looking for a similar system for gas leak detection. The gas supply is either from propane or butane bottles.

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    Default Re: Water leak sensor and Gas sensor

    I remember someone posting once that they used a clothes-peg with a headache tablet. Contacts on each face of the peg, with the tablet holding them apart until water dissolved it


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    Default Re: Water leak sensor and Gas sensor


    Velleman to a kit for detecting water level which souinds a buzzer. I guess you could replace the buzzer with a relay coil etc.

    Lets Automate do this X10 one (note that it only works with the SC2800 alarm system):

    and this one to go with a Visonic alarm system:

    There is another system too which includes a shut-off valve, but I can't seem to find it just now.

    For a gas alarm try here:



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    Default Re: Water leak sensor and Gas sensor


    Reminds me of how the guys used aniseed balls as fuse timers on limpet mines during the war. seawater took about 30 minutes to get through a standard one apparently :-)

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