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Thread: Potterton 80 - No Mains Light on.

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    Default Potterton 80 - No Mains Light on.

    Sounds simple, changed fuse in plug, still doesn't work, all the fuses on the main home's board are fine. Any ideas?????

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    Default Re: Potterton 80 - No Mains Light on.

    How about the internal fuse on the boiler PCB - there is generally a quick blow fuse internally.

    Which model boiler do you have - Puma 80, Suprima 80 etc? You can look in the installer area on the potterton website and download installation manuals for most ranges which will show how to access the wiring/PCB and where the internal fuse is (assuming your boiler does have one). It will also have a fault-finding table that could also help.

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