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Thread: RF receivers/transceivers ?

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    Default Re: RF receivers/transceivers ?


    Probably too late for you but the RFXCOM 433.92MHz X10 receiver has been extended with the receiving possibilities for Oregon Scientific sensors with no extra cost.
    So this receiver is now able to receive X10 lighting, X10 security, Digimax, RFXSensor, RFXPower and now the Oregon Scientific weather sensors all in 1 receiver.
    The USB module can have 2 receivers inserted and a second receiver can be for example a Visonic or a 310MHz X10 receiver.


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    Default Re: RF receivers/transceivers ?

    I must admit I am impressed with the wgldesigns speed of reply.

    I copied them with an email about what I had tried to get the W800 to work, and I got a reply within 30 minutes !

    I explained further how I tested it, and now have an offer of replacement direct from the manufacturer. I am impressed.

    I have asked intellihome for credit first, so we'll see how it goes.

    What is the advantage of the RFX unit over the W800 ?
    I know its a USB device instead of serial.

    How does the range compare ? W800 versus RFXCOM unit ?


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    Hi Declan,

    Here is a comparison table for both receivers:

    _________________________RFXCOM___________________ __W800
    Interface________________USB______________________ __RS232
    Receivers per interface__2__________________________1
    Needs external power_____No_________________________Yes
    Interface speed__________4800 or 38400baud__________4800 baud
    X10 security_____________Yes (32 or 41 bits)________Yes (32 bits)
    X10 lighting_____________Yes________________________Ye s
    Digimax__________________Yes______________________ __Partial (32 bits /no parity/no setpoint)
    RFXSensor________________Yes______________________ __Yes
    RFXPower_________________Yes______________________ __Partial (only 16 bits counter value/no parity/no mode setting)
    RFXWater_________________Yes______________________ __Partial (only 16 bits counter value/no parity/no mode setting)
    RFXGas___________________Yes______________________ __Partial (only 16 bits counter value/no parity/no mode setting)
    Oregon Scientific
    weather sensors__________Yes________________________No
    Visonic CodeSecure_______Yes________________________No
    Visonic PowerCode________Yes________________________No
    Collision avoidance
    with transmitter_________Yes________________________No
    Receiver schematics
    in standard document_____Yes________________________No
    Receiver sensitivity_____-106dBm (superheterodyne)__?

    Some comments from other users:


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    Old thread but I thought I would contribute.

    I have had both - the w800 is good, the rfxcom is great - same unit can receive uk and us based x10 rf and x10 secure signals - makes motion sensors at 8 dollars an attractive device.

    I have excellent support from rfxcom, in the time I have been using it they have added digimax thermostat support, rfx temp sensors and now the oregon scientific stuff.

    Honest opiniopn as a user w800 have a good product that they appear to have finished developing, rfxcom have a really good product that they continue to develop with an enthusiasm - and they like the HA market.

    No affiliation to either company, just a user of both

    The w800 is sitting in a box now.


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