I have recently moved into a house which has had gas central heating installed by British Gas on behalf of the previous owners, but there are no instructions for the programmer.
I have emailled BG without sucess.
The only marking on the programmer is "OP1L" and the name British Gas alongside their logo.
Can anyone advise from where I can get instructions for this programmer and/or identify the make and model of the programmer?
The unit has a small B&W lcd window under which are 4 buttons - left pair designated "Hot Water and the right pair "central heating" the left of each pair is designated "Advance" and the right " + 1hr ".
On the right of the unit are two rectangular red LEDs on above the other. The top "CH" and bottom "HW"
Hidden under the flap are a slider switch, 6 buttons and a very small recessed reset button. The t 3 position slider is designated:
(upper posn) "set prg"
(mid posn) "set time"
(lower posn) "run"
The 6 buttons are laid out on 2 rows.
2 select buttons on the top row are designated (left) "HW" (right) "CH"
The lower row of 4 buttons are designated from L to R:
"YES", "NO", "TIME -", "TIME +"
Finally, the pull down flap has the designation "UP1L2 written vertically on the far left side.
I hope you can identify it from the above.
Thank you