Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone out there is successfully using a S1 UK tivo with a scientific atlanta explorer 4200 dvb telewest box.

I just sold my emergency backup tivo to a friend, who is trying to use the above. The problem is that the tivo is not picking up the rgb signal through the main scart socket on the tivo. Scart settings are set to do RGB, and Scart switching is on. Several scart cables have been tried. When the telewest box is plugged via scart into the VCR socket, the tivo correctly passes through the signal to the tv, which implies the scart lead is working and the ntl box is pumping out rgb..

Tivo records Pal via RF fine- just not rgb.

Does anyone else use this box? And has anyone else experienced a tivo not receiving input through the main scart socket?

Thanks in advance -