I was hoping (in my nieve way) that I would be able to get a score on a variable as to how much daylight there was, by connecting a light dependent resistor between an input of port 4 on myMF expansion board and ground on the same port 4. However when I repeatedly "read variables" from the control screen of HV software I get values that dance around anywhere from 0 to 255 every click of the mouse.

Does the analogue input have to be from something like an LM34 temperature sensor that has 3 connections ie ground, power and output or am I doing something wrong ...or is my MFEB broken (v unlikely as we all know the supreme reliability and also the digital temperature sensors work ok.

Many thanks for any ideas, and also anyone's experiences of any (not horrendously expensive) sensor to use with port 4 (???barometric pressure, wind speed, rainfall totaler, oiltank guage, rainwater harvesting tank level...??!!!