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Thread: KAT5 Multidrop Splitter Wiring

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    Default KAT5 Multidrop Splitter Wiring


    I've been using Kat5 as a single point to point system for the last 6 years (Extremely good system and highly recommended)

    I've recently bought a new Mark 2 transmitter and 4 receivers with the intention of setting up a multidrop system.

    Having purchased some cat5 splitters I've found that their wiring configuration likely needs altering (only one side of the split works which makes sense as I uderstand all 8 wires are used in the KAT5 system.

    Currently the splitter has the following configuration
    Input wire 1 => Jack1 Wire 1
    Input wire 2 => Jack1 Wire 2
    Input wire 3 => Jack1 Wire 3
    Input wire 4 => Jack2 Wire 1
    Input wire 5 => Jack1 Wire 2
    Input wire 6 => Jack1 Wire 6
    Input wire 7 => Jack2 Wire 3
    Input wire 8 => Jack2 Wire 6

    To save me time can anyone confirm what the correct wiring should be (or is it simply 1-8 input => 1-8 on both jack 1 and jack 2)

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    Default Re: KAT5 Multidrop Splitter Wiring

    The splitter you have bought are economisers designed to send two ethernet circuits ovr a single cable.

    KAT5 uses all 4 pairs and you need doublers that have all 8 pins connected straight to all 8 pins of both sockets.

    look at the TMODU7 as this is the neatest option. The ones that plug straight into a socket are a bit of a tight fit, this leaded one is much better.


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