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Thread: Potterton Puma 80e Heating won't shut down.

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    Default Potterton Puma 80e Heating won't shut down.

    My boiler has recently developed the following problem - The central heating will not shut down, even with the wall therostate turned right down and the CH switch on the front panel set to off (although the on/off/standby switch does feel a little loose). Rads are hotter then I ever remember them being and now the boiler locks out intermitetly, could this be a safety feature were the CH water temp is getting to high? Took the front panel off boiler just to read fault finding instructions on case, interesting reading but I did not really understand much although it did mention a red LED on the modulaton board, this LED was on. I turned the boiler to standby just to turn CH off, after turning back on 1 hour later this LED was off?

    System now seems to be working correctly. Ahhhh.

    Any info would be great.

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    Default Re: Potterton Puma 80e Heating won't shut down.

    i'd go for the central heating thermister.

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    Default Re: Potterton Puma 80e Heating won't shut down.

    Adjust or replace the pressure microswitch -

    If the red led indicator stays on after u turn hot taps off - the burner will stay lit until the overheat sensor cuts the burners and pilot light.

    The switch is located behind the control PCB next to the gas control unit - it has two orange wires conected - if you unplug one wire the red led will go out by turning the hot tap on/off you can see/hear the switch actuate -
    there is a locknut which can be loosened and then the assembly rotated in or out to get the optimum position. When replaced/adjusted reconect the orange wires.

    Hope this helps

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