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Thread: vaillant turbomax plus combi no hot water but C/H ok

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    Default vaillant turbomax plus combi no hot water but C/H ok


    I wonder anyone can help I have a vaillant turbomax plus combi It is either 824/2E or 828/2E it about 4 years old. The central Heating is working fine but the hot tap water not. When I turn on the hot water tap on the water comes out warm the faster I let the water come out the colder the water comes out. If I have the water slowly coming out but enough to keep the boiler firing up then the water comes out quite hot but not as hot as it used to. I have a scale inhibitor that I change every year but for the first 2 years it wasn't changed and I think this may have something to do with it.
    If anyone could help or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


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    Default Re: vaillant turbomax plus combi no hot water but C/H ok

    Hi if there's a scale inhibitor then you're more than likely in an area recognised for the hardness of it's water, and it looks like the problem lies there. The heat exchanger may be scaled up rather than any divertors, flow sensors etc as your hot water still works, just with a restricted flow.
    Hope this helps, let us know how u get on.

    By the way I have a relative with a problem on the 242e and no instructions so if there's anyone out there with a link I could follow I'd greatly appreciate it - have tried searching before asking but no joy
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