I'm looking at upgrading my Central Heating/Hot Water Controllers, as I think I can make it more economic.

I currently have a Potterton Boiler, with a single day "ordinary" controller, with a thermostat in the Hall way. Also, at the moment, the Y valve (sorry if definition is wrong, but the bit that controls whether it's hot water or central heating) has failed, and being replaced at the weekend.

My wife and I work very varied hours - depending on shifts and meetings etc we can leave the house anytime between 6 and 9 am, and get back 3 to 10 pm - the joys of having your own business.
Not, of course, forgetting the weekends, when we don't normally get up until at least 10, if we've got nothing else to do!

What I'd like to have is firstly the ability to programme a 7 day pattern - which isn't going to be too difficult, by upgrading the controller.
Also, where the thermostat is is the coldest room in the house, and actually doesn't really matter. When there's just the two of us, we only realy worry about the kitchen, lounge, study and bedroom - so if the hall is cold, I'm not too worried!

Finally, with our varying week, I'd like to be able to access my heating controls from work - via a web browser or similar. I have played around quite a bit with X10 stuff, but think this is probably too involved, and requires an electrician, to integrate an X10 system.

Can anyone suggest a suitable controller, and also a wireless thermostat, so I can move the current one into a better position?

I've also considered adding another vavle to control upstairs and downstairs, and if simple enough, I can fit this as well - I know where the two split in the airing cupboard.

Any suggestions gratefully received.