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Thread: My VIOM + C# Based Solution

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    Default My VIOM + C# Based Solution

    Late last year I began to roll my own heating control system, and I spent a little time writing an article about it. I just wanted to see if anyone has any comments, thoughts or suggestions....

    I believe that it is saving us oil, although I can't prove that, and it certainly is a lot more flexible than the old system was, a big hit with SWMBO



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    I use heatmiser stats controlling individual manifold actuators feeding radiators in each room.

    The heatmiser stats can be interfaced to with a rs232 to rs485 convertor and protocol can be identified. They allow the setting of various temperatures for different times of day and allow you to monitor temp in each zone at all times. They dont have a boost but by accessing the protcol it is possible to set the temp up or down for a specified period. It would also be possible to reuse all your work and interface to the heatmiser stats!!!! That I would be interested in....

    The advantage of the heatmiser stats to you would be that the system will fall back to a basic mode when the PC fails and it has the relays built in with the ability to monitor temperature and switch on off. They are about 30-40 each and you would need 1 for each zone.

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    Very interesting read Simon....

    Well Done
    Home of FirM - the Multi Zone IR Transport System

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