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Thread: Low pressure to 1 tap?

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    Default Low pressure to 1 tap?

    Reposted from AHUK mailing list ...

    The taps in our kitchen seem to have very low pressure, the hot tap
    has been like that since we moved in during the summer, but now the
    cold tap has gone the same way, almost to a trickle.

    The downstairs loo has a wash basin, and both taps in there are Ok.

    The dishwasher is run from the same pipe, and doesn't affect wether
    the tap is slow or not, and it seems to be getting enough water (the
    dishes come out clean).

    Are there any good sites for DIY diagnosis & repair? Is my description
    enough to help anyone make a suggestion as to the problem?

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    i'd go to the plumbers merchants and get a reviever kit,

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