Just invested in some Appliance and Lamp modules, as well as a TM13 and a CM12 PC Controller - my house has an interesting feature, in that it appears that signals to modules do not travel from one side to the other.

If I put a load of modules around the house, only the ones on the same side of the house as the CM12 or TM13 (whatever I use to drive them) respond, the others do not.

I've put the TM13 either side and can then reach the 'other' modules

How can I determine what is causing this - all the sockets are on one 'side' of an RCD but they are 3 separate rings (downstairs, upstairs and an extension)

I figure that with a 2nd TM13 on the 'other side' remote switches will work manually, but PC control (misterhouse or whatever when I Get round to it via the CM12U will be an empty one-sided experience due to this?

-- Do I just live with it,and put 2 CM12's in? - and hack the control logic to drive the two of them on perhaps separate (or the same house codes)

-- shall I (get an electrician of course to) fit a 13A socket 'right next' to the consumer unit and site the CM12 there in the hope that it might 'reach' every module?

**unexpected X10 hassle!**

Any advice appreciated!