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Thread: Mission 733 Floorstanding speakers

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    Default Mission 733 Floorstanding speakers - NOW SOLD!

    I have 1 pair of 1996 vintage Mission 733 floorstanding speakers for sale. In perfect working order, and AFAIK in mint condition (or damn near it anyway).

    Complete with the removeable cloth grilles and floor-spikes

    Not designed for bi-wiring.

    "The British Hi-Fi Awards 1996, co-sponsored by The British Federation of Audio and Hi-Fi Choice magazine, were announced at the Federation's annual dinner held in London on April 25, 1996. Awarded best Hi-Fi speaker 201-500 to Mission 733."

    These are too large to ship, so must be collected from London.

    Open to offers, but must be worth a measly 50 of anyone's money?

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    Note, these are now SOLD!
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