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Thread: What licenses/fees for Xap software ?

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    Default What licenses/fees for Xap software ?


    I found Xap through Misterhose and I found it really interesting - particularly Xap Desktop (I'm after simple and effective user interfaces).

    But I cannot find any license info on majority of Xap software, also for Desktop.

    I wonder what are intentions of Xap developers and existing Xap software - do they go more in GPL and true open source direction, or more in charge for commercial or even home use. On this depends a lot, specially for Linux users...

    Thanks in advance for answers,



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    Default Re: What licenses/fees for Xap software ?

    The xAP protocol itself is license free and open for any and all to use. The xAP protocol,however, allows developers to use any license that they wish for their software. So you will find differnet sources have different agreements. The misterhouse xAP code is all gpl as is, I believe, the applications from and which are the main sources of linux applications (using mono for the framework apps). I decided that the current mi4 apps would be closed but free for personal and nonforprofit use. There is more info on the license here:
    I believe the apps from Ascentium are similar to this too. As you can imagine a huge amount of time can go in to these apps and while I want them to be free for all I also want to ensure that if profit is made from these apps then they are licensed.
    The important thing with xAP is the protocol is open and free, there are no xAP variants or non standard versions, for something to be called xAP it must follow the standard!
    Regarding your question on Desktop. Yes, desktop is ideal for use as a gui, nearly every element in each display can be based on xAP information and seperate to that, all of the options within a display can be controlled by xAP. In the next version of Desktop I hope to add scripting support to each display to make things a bit more advanced.


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    You are correct - the Ascentium Apps are also all available under GPL, and I'd be absolutely delighted if anyone wanted to take them and expand them :-)

    Mark "Ascentium" Harrison

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