I currently have a setup as follows:
3 LM12s in my lounge, all set to A1
2 AM12s in my kitchen, all set to A2
3 AM12s in my hallway, all set to A3
1 LM15 in my porch set to A4
2 LM12s in my bedroom set to A5 & A6

These are controlled (????) by 2 TM13 (All House Units) in different parts of the house (I have a couple of RF Transmission Blackspots) and a CM12.

I do have an issue where I need another filter for my Washing Machine socket (with WM on, one of my kitchen AM12's doesn't respond). I currently have one filter on my TV/Sky Box extension lead. but this apart things work fine except for a couple of niggles that are driving me mad.....

One revolves around an Activehome Macro that should light and dim the bedroom lights but either works for just one or lights both to 100% and just occasionally does what it should (usually in test mode!!). This I can live with until another day but.....

The other one revolves around my ActiveHome installation (through my COM1 port). When I fire up AH it works fine for a while and then after a period it seems to go to sleep. Switching from the PC stops working and changes using my HR10 or any of my "Stick a switches" are not reflected in the display and Update Status doesn't come back with the correct statuses.

Sometimes closing and and restarting seems to fix it. Other times a reboot is needed. Having read through the forums I've set my installation up to run in Win2K compatability mode (My PC is XPSP2) but it still happens.

I don't think the Washing Machine Filter requirement is part of this problem as it happens with WM switched on or off and the physical location is at the opposite end of the house to the CM12.

The only thing I have noticed is from time to time that the Communications Bridge Icon appears twice in the panel at bottom right of my PC - don't know if this is part of the problem or normal.

Also if I look at the Gatetway communication log (by right clicking on the gateway Icon) the only message I get is "Input Thread Wnter Wait State...ZZZZ"

Any thoughts/ideas/diagnositcs/suggestions VERY gratefully received.