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Thread: Converting a pull-chord switch to X10 = need advice please!!

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    Question Converting a pull-chord switch to X10 = need advice please!!

    Hi all,

    Basically my bathroom still has the old style pull cord switch for the light, and the rest of my flat is entirely controlled by X10, so a logical step would obviously be converting the pull cord to an X10 switch.

    So, I went and bought these:

    - SS13E Sitck-a-Switch
    - X10-2 2-wire Appliance MicroModule from Kevin Lo

    The MicroModule is an Appliance one because it also needs to control the extractor fan, which comes on with the light.

    Okay, so I tried to fit the MicroModule inside the pull-cord switch housing... Doh! It is too big and won't fit in!

    The base of the pull-cord switch is screwed onto the batten above, so I can't just tuck the MircoModule up in the attic either.

    Instead of chiselling a hole in the batten to put the MicroModule in, can anyone advice where else can I put it please?

    Is there any "pull-cord switch housing extender" or something that can make the housing bigger? Or is there any big empty box that can replace the either pull cord switch?

    I am a bit stuck... (strangely, its not about electrical/electronical though) Please advice!

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