Hi All,

I am currently (self) installing a total C-Bus solution to my new home that is also undergoing extensive refurbishment. My interests in C-Bus are 2 fold; firstly a solid backbone for my new house that I can work on and secondly; forming a test bed to be part of a "single package / single interface" product we are considering launching. In brief; an "off the shelf" solution providing home automation & av distribution that is cost effective without comprise of functionality & style.

Before pounding you and your good natures for information I would like to give my feedback to previous posts in one hit rather than come in late on other threads! Here goes....

Ulti RF - not used as yet as we are looking for a totally cabled CATx based solution, although it is always good to have as a backup if need be!

What Is? - we considered X10 being the most "cost effective" although we soon found the products on offer have a "variety" of build qualities (I will be pc) and a lack of emphasis on style. In my opinion; for the hobbies or RadioShack veteran. C-Bus offers robust hardware, easy modular & system expansion (StarServe, HomeMinder etc) with a range of facia products that suite the "budget" (E2000) and high end (Saturn) pockets. Although not yet as supported as X10 by 3rd party add-ons & gizmos there is great potential & increasing Uk product support by Clipsal.

Curtain Controller - I expect it is only a matter of time for the DIN rail module to arrive, a little after that for us in the UK!

Where to buy - after putting out a basic schematic to various suppliers, inc. Comfort, CBUS-Shop & more I found the pre-sales technical support & assistance offered by Simon at www.simplyautomate.com second to none. Prices are mostly all quoted at RRP by all the suppliers (which of course can be discounted for "larger" orders) but we opted for Simply as the sole supplier based on their help and assistance, that has paid dividends post sale.

C-Bus coming to a house near you - the potential is there for large UK market share, backed by the Aus take up. Clipsal are well know in the electrical trade that gives them a firm footing, although their commitment to realise the oppurtunity is a little elusive!

I need help - I have just reached 1st fit and are experience much of your strifes! There is an abundance of documentation on http://www.clipsal.com/cis/profile.php3 although it is much need of rationalising. I have trawled aimlessly through technical docs only to find that there are only 1 or 2 lines of any use given the amount of duplication. The diagrams, which are in most cases totally basic and ambiguos, are repeated in nearly every PDF along with vague blocks of text. Seems Clipsal have mastered the Cut & Paste function and decided it was quicker! I have also never seen the TCP/IP protocol described in a more confusing manner, without actually mentioning what their "addressing system" is! The "Pink" cable is no different to a quality CAT 5e cable other than it's Pink, crimped in a non-standard format & expensive. Sorry.... going off on one again! As You are just down the road, maybe could meet up to discuss findings? (providing your not a Northern fan ;->)

Hope these reponses help in some way although it was good to let my frustration vent on people who actually understand what I'm jibbering about! (please dont shatter my illusion!)

See other post for questions!