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Thread: A DVD player for just 9 at ASDA

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    Default A DVD player for just 9 at ASDA

    I happened to spot this in someone else's paper on the train this week

    Quoting from:

    "A DVD player is to go on sale for just 9, demonstrating that gadgets have now become as disposable as an old shirt and cheaper than a night at the cinema.

    Asda is to offer the player, which costs less than a DVD blockbuster film, as it steps up the pressure on traditional electrical stores.

    The arrival of the 9 DVD player demonstrates how supermarkets are shaking up the high street."

    From the picture in the paper it looked like one of these:



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    Now that's a bargain, just need to wait for the
    LCD TVs to do the same
    88 Lines in the UK National Lottery for 5.00
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