Grateful for your thoughts & comments on the following :-

Clipsal UK Technical Support - is there any or am I the only one not to get any responses? Send an email over 3 weeks ago that was passed to 3 Clipsal personell still without response! Seems to me if your not shelling out for an integrator then you can suffer!

Software Pt1 - from a user perspective; what PC based software are you using to control (not configure) the hardware; is HomeGate the only option?

Software Pt2 - from a developer perspective; has anybody bought the development kit? is it work the 1k price tag or should I resort to a packet sniffer & reverse engineer? has anybody tried developing their own software?

Unshielded CAT - still unable to get a valid technical reason why using shielded causes problems, any body know why or is it similar to the "Pink" cable? (Pretty critical for us as the Bang & Olufsen MasterLink protocol requires 2 shielded pairs to minimise interference, so we would prefer CAT 6 STP.)

These are all for now (though many to follow) as it was time I was down the pub!