I had a question about distributing Sky+ around a house I will be doing some work on in the near future.

Basically I want the living room, and 3 bedrooms capable of Sky+, i.e. two independant satellite outputs.

My idea was:

Dish with quad LNB supplies loft room directly, then feeds down onto first floor into closet.
In this there is a 2x6 multiswitch, the LNB outputs go into the inputs on this and from the outputs, 2 go into a dual multiplexer, leading down a cable into the living room*, and 4 go into a quad multiplexer, leading to a cable going to the far corner of 2 rooms opposite the closet, where a quad demultiplexer splits it, 2 just get taken off immediately, and 2 go through the wall into the other room.

The reason for this is I want as few cables as possible, this is an old house, its all brick so there is no laying cables inside the walls.
*There is already a TV coax leading to the living room.

Is there anyone that knows TV/Satellite who would be able to help me?

Have I got the above right or is the configuration wrong.

One final thing, can anyone recommend anywhere I would go about purchasing the components for this, there are only a couple of stores that sell multiswitches that I can find, and nowhere that sells quad multiplexers, surely with all the hotels, etc there is a big market for satellite distribution, why cant I find any products?