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Thread: Good deal on X10 modules and X10 security systems

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    Default Good deal on X10 modules and X10 security systems

    Hi there,
    I'm about to do a largish install, and have managed to get quite good prices on X10 security systems and X10 modules.
    To give you an idea the security systems start for just the panel at 99 euros. Its basically an SC9000 with a different case
    The 4 piece starter kits are 218 euros they contain the panel,, a wireless door sensor, keychain remote and a wireless motion detector.
    The 7 piece kits are 318 euros. This contains the same as the 4 piece plus an extra wireless door sensor, a 16 channel Wireless Security Remote Control and an LM12 module. Other sensors are available.
    The panel has these features
    -Temperature control with up to 4 thermostats TS10 (optional).
    - 7 day timer with 14 timer points: e.g. create a ‘lived in look’ while away.
    - Dial-in for Alarm, Home Automation and Temperature Status and Setting.
    - Listen-in functionality and Events log.
    - Rechargeable batteries (Base Console)
    - Pulse and Tone Dialing

    I can also get X10 modules as an example an LM12 or AM12 costs 28 euros.
    I can supply with either Uk style plugs or european format.
    If you want a complete price list then just PM me with an email address and I can send you a comlete price list.
    All prices are inclusive of VAT.
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