I am an approved electrician with my own company, I have experience in general electrical installation domestic and commercial including the usual pir/photo cell control, boiler and heating control, remote control add on's, security systems, addressable fire systems.
I have a domestic extention job underway at the moment with 30 lighting points in one room, I am looking at the C Bus system but cannot get on the training course. How easy is the system to set up without a PC. Hardwear will probably be neo or E2000 switches, 4 way dimmer, 8 way relay, 3 x external movement sensors, 2 x inernal movement sensors.

How reliable is the C Bus equipment.

Should I steer clear and just install the usual electrical switches and dimmers.

More customers are showing and interest in home automation, so I have been looking on tnet and have been amazed at how much equipment is out there. However which one's should I use and which should I keep clear of.
One post on a forum in Australia said C Bus was hopeless and he would never touch it again, but there does seem to be a lot of people using it.

Thanks for you time.