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Thread: 2-wire lamp micromodules

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    Default 2-wire lamp micromodules

    My question is about the X10(2nd) load lamp micromodule (2 wire, no need for neutral connection), as sold on automation@home.
    I do have a couple of lamps that I want to add to my present X10 system by making use of micromodules. These lamps do not have the neutral wire running at the location of the switch.

    The difference has been defined by the supplier(Kevin Lo) as follows;

    1)3 Wire 's X10 signal sensitive is 25mV , 2 Wire 's X10 signal sensitive is 100 mV
    2)2 Wire during dimming will have "Buzz" sound , but 3 wire didn'thave any sound

    Since I can't interpretate the 25 vs 100 mV I would like to know if anybody has experience with these modules ?
    I would like to make sure these modules work in a home-environment before I decide to buy a couple of these modules.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I recently bought a combined switch / module from automation@home; the2222E which is a two wire solution.

    It does make a slight buzzing sound when dimmed, but it is barely noticable; however i do have some problems with it - whenever it is on or close to full brightness it flickers and so i have to use it at 70% percent dimmed. And it responds differently to the other modules I have when using Homeseer - it might need some scripting.

    I also have a LW12 which seems to work great and I have several LWM1 currently being shipped to me as I understand they are one of the better modules on trhe market.



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