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    Default Another Newbie Question

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums for a few weeks so that I don't have to ask any obvious questions and I think I have enough info to place my first order. Can anyone let me know if I am on the right track or is there something I am missing. We will soon be moving in to a new-build house and I want to install an alarm system and automatic lighting system + Garage door opener.

    For the Alarm System I think I need:
    1x SC9000
    2x KR21 Keyfobs
    3x MS90
    2x DS90
    1x Flood detector
    1x Gas detector
    6x Smoke alarms

    For the lighting:
    10x LW12
    10x Clipsal 1 gang socket facias
    10x Clipsal Momentry buttons
    3x MS13 (Hallway, landing and downstairs WC)

    1x Easytouch remote control (So I can get rid of all the other remotes)
    1x FD10 Filter
    1x MC10 For programing the LW12's
    1x MT12 Bedside timer
    1x CM12U for macro control
    1x TM13 Tranceiver

    For the Garage door:
    Nothing extra! The auto-opener I have in mind has a learning function for new remotes, so I was hoping the the 'lights on' button on the KR21 would open the Garage and the 'Lights off' would close the garage.

    Will all this work? Do I need more equipment? Is there any bits that I have listed that I don't need?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    What make is your or will be your garage door opener. The lights on button on the remote would also turn all lights on in the house and like wise the lights off would turn them off. Great if someone else is in the house and you shut the garage door. All the lights go off. Also you need to make sure that the garage opener operates on the frequency of 433.92MHz, which is what the KR21 operates on.
    Be carefull when using normal X10 codes for opening doors. As anyone could in theory easily open the garage door by transmitting the same X10 RF code.
    Hope this helps.

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    Good points. The Garage door opener is a Merlin Prolift. I have emailed to ask if it will accept the X10 frequency. Although you have a good point about it being opened by anyone with an x10 remote control. I think I will just use the standard remote that comes with it.

    On reading the SC9000 manual it appears that the 'light on' button turns on a specific address, not all lights, but this would still be a problem, so this is another argument for using the original remote.

    Thanks for the help

    Any other advice?

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    Personally, I'd take a look to see if you can set that code to a virtual code and set your software to react to it.

    E.g. SC9000 turns on D17

    Recurring event to check if D17 is on, if it is, send the Global X10 command All Lights On (or whatever you'd like) and turn D17 off.

    I don't know if you're planning to use a PC all the time, but it's at least an option.
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