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Thread: Which tradesman(person!!) for running cables?

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    Default Which tradesman(person!!) for running cables?

    Hi all,
    my local handyman of choice is being a bit slow (nearly six weeks now) in giving me a quote for running some cables around my lounge. Minimal damage as possible to walls etc etc

    So i want to have a look for some other quotes but wasn't sure what trade to look for? electrician, builder....?!

    Any ideas, basically i need cables to go from one corner of my lounge to the other access via under the bedroom floor i think, and also cables from lounge to loft.

    thanks in advance


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    Try our Installer Database...

    Select your area and Structured Cabling.


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    DIY ?

    I did my place like this (although I've not finished cabling all the rooms yet).
    I hired a wall chaser (like this: cut the walls with this and chiselled out the waste myself. I then fitted trunking into the slot and ran the cables through. I did get a plasterer to fill the chases once I was done, but only really 'cos he was already there doing some other things for us. Beware though, the wall chaser makes loads of dust.

    Lifting the floor wasn't *too* bad as our house has the 2'x8' chipboard sheets although if you've got proper floorboards it would take you a bit longer.

    Depening on the routing and distance, and hence how many floorboards would need to be lifted and joists drilled through, you're looking at maybe 3 days work to get it done, plus a bit more materials. I assume you'll supply the cable.

    There's some of my photos in the UKHA_D photos area (I keep meaning to write all this up properly...). Just shout if you need any more info



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