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Thread: BAXI Central heating problem

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    Default BAXI Central heating problem

    I have a baxi solo 50 boiler. The external contols appear to be working correctly and Hot water is fine.
    There appears to be a problem when using the boiler for central heating the boiler seems to be completely dead. None of the lights on the boiler, such as boiler on light work. There is power at the S/L input. I replaced the Potentiometer but this changed nothing.
    Do you think that I need to replace the PCB? I am loathed to spend £100 to replace this if it could be some thing else.
    For some weeks the 3 position diverter valve by the tank has been making a loud buzzing noise. Could this cause the problem?


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    Thatís the first thing I would go for (the diverter valve), a motor for one is under £10 and easy to change.

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