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Thread: X10 Door bell?

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    Hi Toscal,

    Thanks for that, just one query, how would i get a video feed into the other TVs?

    They do have xbox's with XBMC on them, but I would prefer some sort of direct input (e.g. via AV inpunts).


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    That depends. I take it you dont have any kind of structured wiring setup.
    Do all your tvs use the aerial socket. As you could set up a home channel system and tune the camera feed to a spare uhf channel and inject it into the aerial system.
    As Im not too sure on your setup but have a look at Maplin for this Programmable Universal Modulator part number VH89W .
    And Screwfix do this
    Do not have a clue on the signal or build quality of these items, but Im sure somebody here does.
    Good luck.
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