Hello All

New to the forum and have been trying to absorb as much information as possible. Great to see this forum here - its not just me who has a thing for HA! A question I cannot find an answer to is:

Is there a Cbus piece of kit for controlling mains power - e.g. power to TV/other media kit or a PC. You know, just any appliance plugged into it.

I just can't gleam a direct statement about this from the Clipsal/Cbus websites although they hint at 'appliance' control. In the CBus-Shop website there is even a picture of a wall power plug that looks like it is designed to do the job but no details!! That the is UST25B00 link here: http://www.cbus-shop.com/product_inf...1d939d1ae45212

Information/experience of getting/installing much appreciated!