Modtronix have released an updated version of their PIC ethernet board, the SBC45. It has some slight mods to allow easier serial interfacing. Board is 10Mbps ethernet (Realtek), PIC18F452 mpu, 24LC256 EEPROM (32 kbytes).

In addition, they have a couple of new front-end boards to interface the SBC45 to either RS-485 or CANbus networks, as well as the old serial one.

Pricing in USD and (GBP) is as follows:

SBC45 55 (29.38 )
BUS2-485 9.95 (5.31)
BUS2-CAN 9.95 (5.31)
SER2S 8.50 (4.54)

They've offered us 20% discount on anything ordered in quantities >5, which would be:

SBC45 44 (23.50)
BUS2-485 7.95 (4.25)
BUS2-CAN 7.95 (4.25)
SER2S 6.80 (3.63)

Postage will prolly work out at about a tenner. I've done a modtronix BB before, and they were extremely prompt and reliable. The SBC45 design incorporates some feedback from our last BB

*PLEASE NOTE* that these devices are not plug and play ethernet->serial convertors: they require some programming / PIC knowledge to use, and thus this offer is intended for developers.

Full details of the above boards (plus misc other stuff) at http://www.modtronix.com/