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Thread: Recommended upgrade/replacement for Myson

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    Default Recommended upgrade/replacement for Myson

    First post, and fairly new to most of this...

    I moved into a home, 3 storeys, fairly new house, with a Myson heating system.

    First up, I know next to nothing about heating systems.

    I work from home, and my office is on the top floor, so in winter, when the heating is on, I'd prefer not to heat some rooms during the day, but would like to kick the heating on in them in the late afternoon.

    I could of course run downstairs, and turn the radiator valves, or I could automate this :-)

    The Myson is a hall-located thermostat (not ideal in a 3 story house, especially given that it's just inside the front door), with a gas-fired boiler, and a water tank on the first floor, with an electric immersion heater, the pump etc in the "airing cupboard" are all Myson, and the usual "central heating" keypad in the utility room, with timed heating etc.

    I'd like to replace as little of this as possible, with something that can be controlled more dynamically, and am looking at Z-Wave (the Horstmann kit specifically) but am not wedded to it.

    What do folks recommend?

    thanks in advance.

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    Welcome bigkevmcd

    Have a browse through the HVAC section of the main site for some inspiration....


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