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Thread: Remote Heating Control

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    Default Remote Heating Control

    We're about to move house, and for ages I've been contemplating the following dialema.

    My wife and I have our own company, and work various hours depending on how busy things are and which shift we are on - therefore trying to economic use out of our heating is a nightmare. We could get home anytime from 4pm to 9pm... and then weekends we're at home pretty much randomly...

    So what I've been looking for is the ability from work to say, right we'll be home in half an hour, warm the house up, if it's too cold...

    Straight away, I'm out of my depth. I've played around with X10, and things like misterHouse and other linux based X10 controlling software. But I think to solve this one, I'm going to have to be hardware based.

    I've looked around, and found the Proliphix NT20e which looks to do everything I want, and maybe more! but it's American, and therefore I'm not sure about the compatibility.

    The house we're moving to has a Worcester Bosch Boiler, powered by Oil. That has it's own timer/scheduler on the front, so not sure of the over-ride abilityies....

    Any help would be gratefully received.


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    Default remote heating control

    A few options spring to mind

    1) dial in to enable htg via an interface relay some wiring knowledge required
    2) use homeseer to schedule the heating use an X10 din rail switch wired in series with the existing theromstat , leave your existing timer on manual
    3) use hometronic dial up or web interface

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    I will follow up with sensibleheat, I saw it today and it is totally wireless, can be a dry install and as has been said, dial in (voice control), web interface or Netstreams controlable. (trade)
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