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Thread: Z Wave Puzzle

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    You may want to contact Act Solutions direct. I've bought some of their X10 stuff (a couple of TC284s and a powerline tester) direct from them for my house. Technically as some of it is not CE approved I can't install it in other peoples houses or mine actually for that matter. So there could be a part P issue for you guys in the UK. Something to think about there, I guess.

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    Default re: z-wave

    Hi all,

    Z-wave seems to be a great technology for home automation, filling in the big holes that x10 does'nt and cannot do ie feedback from sensors etc, after all x10 was first used over 30 years ago. But what I don't understand is, if there's so many companies developing the technology where are all the modules, there seems to be alot of false promises reguarding the technology....

    Tosh UK

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    Has there been any movement in the Z-wave scene regarding UK products? I'm also planning quite large automation project and need some more reassurance regarding the z-wave technology. All the stuff I have read seems like it may just do the trick but I can't find a complete list of UK parts anywhere.

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