The xAP team are pleased to announce the launch of the xAP Wiki.
Now online at the Wiki is intended to be the definitive xAP knowledge base. Launching with one hundred pages of content, the Wiki has something for everyone:

  • A near complete list of xAPplications and hardware, searchable and browsable by a variety of methods including by developer and by platform.
    A growing selection of how-to's and guides.
    A heavily linked architecture, each page is linked to any related subject, including applications, how-to's and downloads. Everything should be easy to find.
    A user download section, for exchange of xAP desktop templates and the like.
    Information on the xAP specification and schema.
    A developers section with details on developing under different environments.

The Wiki is accessable by everyone, although anyone registered is free to add content. If you have a nice piece of xAP intergration you would like to document, or have a particularly funky xAP Desktop template you'd like to share, this is the place.

Any comments or suggestions are very welcome and should be directed to the xap_automation Yahoo group or to the automatedhome xAP forum.