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Thread: Harmony 895 and x10 lighting

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    Default Harmony 895 and x10 lighting

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here, been reading through the threads and hope someone can help me clarify...

    I've got a media centre setup (i'm in the UK) and want a remote to control that and other devices (tv etc) with macros for easy viewing, simple enough. I want to add a simple level of lighting control (probably using x10) that can be controlled using the remote. I only have a two bed flat with one lighting circuit in each room, so what i was intending was to put x10 dimmer controllers within each of the existing light switches (eg and then have a remote to control them. The problem is most the x10 remotes don't have the funtionality i want for the AV side of it and i really like the look of the Harmony 895 with the macros and the little screen, specially considering the price.

    Although it has RF as far as i can tell you can only control ZWave devices using it and the RF-IR converter. As a result I would then need the RF-IR convertor (eg, everything will be hidden in a cupboard) and then an IR-X10 convertor (eg to convert the signal to X10? Can anyone confirm, presumably using the activities on the remote and differing ir commands for x10 i could set all lights to go off or sitting rooms lights to go half on and the tv on etc?

    Obviously ideally i could use ZWave to control the lights but they still don't seem to make ZWave wall light controls for the UK.

    I just wanted to see if anyone who knew more about this than me could tell me if i'm right and if there are any other alternatives that i'm missing. Also whether there is a better way of controlling the X10 from the harmony remote as having that many convertors seems a little excessive!

    Thanks so much for your help in advance, i really hope it's possible to do what i want to as it would be amazing!


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    I use a Harmony 895 remote to control my X10 lights. I do this via my HomeVision controller, and use the Harmony RF Wireless Extender to talk to the HomeVision. With the new software in the remote etc it is now possible to actually address which of the 4 ports from the extender get used. I just taught my Homevision the IR commands and assigned an X10 action. You could equally use the IR to X10 converter. From memory there is even a set of X10 IR codes in the logitech data base online.
    You may have to teach the IR to X10 unit the IR commands but that doesn't take too long.
    Oddly enough my remote came with the extender as an all in one package.

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