This could be one for Clipsal staff...

We got a problem with an 8gang NEO, and its indicator lights.

Switch works fine, does exactly as it should, BUT

After changes to switching arrangements the main indicators stopped working, then the night light/locators stopped.

After a couple of days the switch indicators started working again, and the night lights re-appeared but very dim ???

After a further period, i.e. couple of weeks the night lights returned to full brightness for about 3 weeks, and have now gone dim again.

Suggestions ??

As i say switching works fine, just indicator problems.

If Clipsal tech read this - i also have never rectified problem with a Saturn switch - programmed a scene in it - press the button, all lights flash on the dimmer and nothing happens ?

Further suggestions appreciated ??

Need to make sure there's no problem with Saturns - gotta a nice job with 40 of them in- wahay...