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    I am looking into the best way to distribute TV around the home. 5 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, conservatory and an outside TV with scope for a few more points.

    I note that some of the high end LCD TV's have a CAT5 port now but I am unable to actually figure out what you would do with it. I presume you can't just hook your PC into a distribution node and then the TVs into that since there is no control software there, or do the TV's come with control software?

    I have looked at DVD servers/media servers most of which are proprietary and cost a fortune. Therefore, some form of DIY system would be far more preferable. Ideally allowing each room to view their own DVD/other media on demand and simultaneously. Or stream music to the room in question.

    A thought I had was to use Amps for each room and use that as the distribution via HDMI, but this would put the price up considerably for each room.

    Any ideas or thoughts on this would be much appreciated.



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    I use the Abitana system ( / to handle the distribution of voice/data/tv aerial around the house. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 lounge property. I haven't put points in the kitchen or bathrooms (very low WAF on doing that!)

    I've got a central NAS box that stores all my media and various set top boxes/HTPC/extenders that then access the NAS over the network for playback.

    The system allows you to add additional modules for CCTV and to distribute additional A/V devices. Central DVD player, audio distribution etc etc.

    System isn't bad, but adding additional modules can be expensive. The use of their enclosure instead of the industry standard 19" rack also limits you to future expansion.

    I think not using a rack is my biggest regret about installing the system. I'm now in a situation where I want to add additional Gb network points, but Abitana don't make Gb Switches for the enclosure. So I either try to cram a third party switch into the already tight enclosure or have cables trailing across the loft to a new switch.

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    I can recommend the Abitana system. But mind you I do install their stuff.
    You can rackmount the Abitana stuff, if you want. Also they do do special shelves that clip into their enclosures for things like third party routers etc.
    When deciding about a home network distribution system always think about what you want now and then what you would like to have in the future, then allow for some more things you hadn't thought of until 10 minutes after you've plastered over the plaster board.
    As an example If you think you are going to need for a 3 din rail Abitana enclosure consider a 4 rail one instead. IF you think you want 4 RJ45 sockets in your lounge put in 6, and so on. I know some of this also has a cost element, but if you have put the conduit in for the extra cabling then its not to bad. And the cable can then be laid at a later date when funds allow.

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