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Thread: AW12 Wiring

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    Default AW12 Wiring

    I have an AW12 module to go behind a lightswitch.

    The switch has 2 wires a live and a neutral.

    I cant work out how to wire it in.

    AW12 Manual link

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    On page 6 is the wiring diagram. Will you need local control via the light switch. These modules are designed to fit behind the light switches. But behind the light also works.
    But basically the L goes to Live the N goes to the Neutral wire and to the bulb, and the Switched Live goes to the Bulb. The wire that comes out of the module gets connected to live via a switch. So when you press the switch on, the module either turns on or off then when you press the switch off the reverse happens.
    If in doubt you should really contact an electrician, as not only could you damage the module, but you may also do something more dangerous.
    Remember safety first.
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