If anyone's interested Idratek have released a new version of their Cortex Software (v22).

For general details about what Cortex can do see their website http://www.idratek.com/SWFeatures.htm

For this release they added a number of new modules and there are some very interesting hints about what's in the pipeline. There's also a raft of new features and (close to my own heart) support for IP cameras. More details in the release notes http://www.idratek.com/public/ReleaseNotes.pdf

If your thinking about automating your house Idratek is well worth a look, and speaking from personal experience they're very responsive and helpful if you have any problems. http://www.idratek.com/

Just for the record I have no connection with Idratek other than a periodic habit of sending them money in return for even more Idratek modules to automate yet another bit of the house :-)