I'm looking to extend component video + SPDIF audio over Cat5e. The solution needs to be able to handle 1080p with no glitches.

Both the Component Video version of the KAT5 RGB units and the Gefen Component Video w/Audio extender can do this.

Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of these two products, or have any views on their relative merits? Or can anyone recommend a 3rd product I should be looking at?

The one obvious plus that the KAT5 unit has is the ability to extend IR - with the Gefen I'd need to use a second Cat5 cable and a separate IR extender - but I don't know whether the Gefen has any compensating benefits. The KAT5 unit can also daisy-chain, but I'm not sure I need that.

Any help would be very useful - I'm looking to install 10 extenders (including one for a 1080p projector, 2 for 1080p LCDs and the rest for lower def LCDs/CRTs) so the cost is considerable and I don't want to make the wrong choice!

Many thanks