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Thread: Lower power switching with an am12

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    Default Lower power switching with an am12


    I'm trying to switch some LED deck lights (through a 24v transformer) with an am12. When the am12 is off the lights still glow dimly.

    On investigation it would appear that "off" means about a 100k resistance between live an neutral rather than not connected.

    Since the current draw of the lights is so low (less than .3A) I guess that this current is not enough to pull the "off" voltage down close to zero (indeed there's 12v between live and neitral when the am12 is off).

    I've temporarily solved the problem by putting a 60w bulb in parallel with the LED transformer, but I'm hoping there's a better way...

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    Default Re: Lower power switching with an am12


    You will probably have to switch a relay with the AM12 and the relay will switch the Leds, or maybe use a din rail module AD10.

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