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Thread: INNOVUS - have anyone tested?

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    Default INNOVUS - have anyone tested?

    Please post feedback on the forum - finally some nice stuff for Europe!

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    Just had this very helpful reply from a supplier

    It's no problem to us to send to UK.
    Payment in advance to our bank account.
    Norway is outside of EU so you must not to pay a Norwegian VAT (25%).
    But probably VAT in UK...

    I talk right now with Innovus. They will make a first delivery of the Home
    Control hardware
    in the next week (I hope). I think it will be not any compatibility problems
    hardware from Innovus vs. ACT. Right now we use a ZTH200 controller from ACT
    to control a both
    dimmer module and appliance module from Innovus.
    Anyway a Innovus remote controller can be more advanced. So long it is not
    possible to use a ZTH200
    controller with a Danfoss radiator thermostats. But both Remote, Home
    Control and soft from Innovus
    have support for this option.

    The bad news are that in the next 4-6 mans it will be only Danish MyHome
    But in the future English version will be available for downloading.

    K. regards,
    Sergej Vojtjuk

    Tronika AS
    Postboks 121 Minde, 5821 Bergen, Norway
    Tlf: (+47)55271800, Fax: (+47)55271801
    Skype: s-tronika

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    I've tested the Innovus stuff and their program and system is really simple and intuitive, think it's going to be really nice and very flexible, i will be testing their program and system with the european ACT stuff as well but according to innovus it will work perfectly together.
    Actually we'll be launching a swedisch page we're we will be selling almost all Z-wave european stuff, we could also arrange for shipment to the Uk and we will also be launching a english site real soon.
    i will be posting more feedback about how it all worked in like a week.

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    Hi all.
    We make a crossover test of all available Z-wave (European) devices for now.
    To safe the time to write the same one more time please look here a test results:

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    Hello, I have a system of Innovus, it works very well also with other products, for example, from the ACT
    I have created a Danish site, about Z-wave and I have a lot of info about Innovus and other products, and many good articles on my forum.
    It is possible, translate into English by Gooogle translater

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