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Thread: Anyone using Showcenter ?

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    Default Anyone using Showcenter ?


    I've opted for a Showcenter 200 (to play music and movies files in the bedroom) Are there any other Showcenter users out there ? If so, how do you handle DVDs ? I plan to rip DVDs to a big hard disk but was wondering how others managed their files. Do you leave as VOBs, or convert to another format? If you convert, do you have a favourite format and a favourite conversion tool?


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    I have the old 1000g. I rip to Divx. I use Dr Divx. But I've also used SPB Mobile DVD, this is geared more towards PDA, and portable media players but produces good results. Other software for ripping is NeoDivx . Just google for where to find them. Dr Divx I think is now free.
    Rip at the highest quality possible but bear in mind that to higher quality can lead to stutter when watching it on the Showcenter. Best thing is to experiment with the settings, I actually have a Showcenter setting saved for Dr. Divx.
    Most of my DVD I have ripped to Divx are around the 700mB to 1 Gb (plus they will then fit on my memory cards for my Dell Axim). Any less than 500mB and you either have to think about dloosing some sound quality and or picture quality.

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