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Thread: Outside PIR - Different case

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    Default Outside PIR - Different case


    I wonder if anybody out there has changed the case of the CBUS outside PIR. It is not really very attractive and I wonder if anyone has fitted this inside another fitting - brushed steel for example??

    Any thoughts or ideas where I can buy something to swap this would be great.

    Thanks in advance


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    The ugly bit in my opinion is the mounting, I think you would struggle to do anything with it.

    The knuckles are a problem to hide and they give it the flexibility to set it up so well. I guess if you knew the exact angles that you have it set at you could get a good local metal work shop to make something that allowed you to ditch everything bar the sensor which would improve it.

    Or perhaps you could buy one of the cheap PIR's that are about and swap the sensor internals over but it would be very costly if it goes wrong.

    I think I would opt for something stainless to mount the sensor assembly on.

    Take a look here
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