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Thread: Buy Iphone?

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    anyone used an Iphone yet? i was thinking of getting one. but decided not to because of its price. what are its benefits? can anyone tell me its advantages. disadvantages and of course experiences of it?

    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply.

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    I wouldn't buy one. I prefer PDA and phone to be separate, I sometimes work on construction/ building sites and if I got cement splashed on an iPhone it will probably get ruined, my moto flip phone not a problem, I just wait for it to dry and brush it off. Though I'm not too sure if it got totally covered what would happen.
    There has been a lot of controversy in the States about the iPhone with owners being wrongly billed. Best case of this was a guy who went on holiday only to find that his roaming charges came to 3000 dollars. There is a feature on the iPhone that checks for emails automatically every 5 minutes. But its not that easy to turn off, I wonder why. So when he was abroad his phone continued to check his email every 5 minutes, so lots of roaming charges.
    Here are a few links for you;

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    There's this:

    (note the link to the video near the bottom)


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