Good looking budget IR learning remote????

Hi , I am about to build a home-brew control system basicly comprising of box I will build which will contain IR, telephone, and PC driven relay boards, which will in turn switch wired or RF relays placed around the house.

What I really need for the IR side of things is a posh -looking but cheap remote that can learn the codes that are switching the relays (probably 6 or 8 items such as curtains, lights, dimmers, locks etc) as well as do the normal TV/DVD/CABLE/ AUDIO stuff.

What remotes are available for this? They need to have at least 10 item ability, with macros too. I like the look of the tablet-style Harmony 1000, but my budget is really about 50 - 200. A standard hanheld-stlye has advantages too as it is easier to carry around (such as for watching TV in bed)

Any Ideas???