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Thread: Budget Ir Learning Remote Ideas??

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    Default Budget Ir Learning Remote Ideas??

    Good looking budget IR learning remote????

    Hi , I am about to build a home-brew control system basicly comprising of box I will build which will contain IR, telephone, and PC driven relay boards, which will in turn switch wired or RF relays placed around the house.

    What I really need for the IR side of things is a posh -looking but cheap remote that can learn the codes that are switching the relays (probably 6 or 8 items such as curtains, lights, dimmers, locks etc) as well as do the normal TV/DVD/CABLE/ AUDIO stuff.

    What remotes are available for this? They need to have at least 10 item ability, with macros too. I like the look of the tablet-style Harmony 1000, but my budget is really about 50 - 200. A standard hanheld-stlye has advantages too as it is easier to carry around (such as for watching TV in bed)

    Any Ideas???

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    Second hand pronto would be my recomendation. Great learning capabilities, loads of support, easy to customise, so more user friendly. Older ones 890 940 models go for little money these days but are IR only and IMHO not very pretty.

    If your patient or look towards the USA then RF capable models would scrape in at the top end of your budget level and are more pleasing on the eye.

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    Why not go for a universal remote such as the Marmitek EasyTouch 35
    Sells for about 34 pounds

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